Creedmoor NC Heating & Air Conditioning

Your cooling and heating repair, service and installation specialist in Creedmoor, NC and surrounding communities is Air Controls.

The city of Creedmoor, North Carolina is located in Granville County in the north and central part of the state. The town was founded in 1885 and the town was incorporated in 1905. The current population of Creedmoor is over 4,000 residents. The town’s name comes from Mr. Creed Moor who was a lexicographer in the later part of the 19th century.

A large part of Creedmoor, NC and its history is linked to tobacco. The town had 4 large tobacco warehouses in the 1900’s with tobacco being a cash crop in Creedmoor. The town was known for a long time as mule town. At one time the town of Creedmoor was recognized as the world’s largest trading market for mules for the farming.

Air Controls provides service for residential and commercial customers in Creedmoor, NC with heating and air conditioning repair, service and installation. We are a family owned and locally based company that focuses on homeowners, new construction and light commercial. Professional repair and service of existing HVAC systems is our specialty. We service all major brands of air conditioning and heating systems with prompt service that is done right the first time. We offer competitive pricing and provide a quote of all work to be done before we begin the repairs.  For installation of new heating and cooling equipment in Creedmoor, NC our technicians will develop a plan that will meet your needs and install the properly sized and energy efficient hvac system for your home or business. Air Controls offers ongoing professional maintenance programs for residential and commercial customers to keep your system running at top efficiency. Air Controls is the cooling and heating company to call in Creedmoor and surrounding communities for all your air conditioning and heating repairs, service and new system installations.

Creedmoor Air Conditioning System Installations

At Air Controls, our trained technicians have years of experience with cooling system installations and help in choosing the right system that will best fit your needs with top energy efficiency.

Creedmoor Air Conditioning Repairs and Service

Our vast experience in residential and commercial air conditioning repair and service helps us diagnose and make the correct repairs the first time to your air conditioning system. We offer prompt and cost competitive pricing for all repairs.

Creedmoor Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Controls offers ongoing maintenance to check, clean and repair new or existing systems. Our Energy Saving Maintenance Agreements allow our customers to reduce overall costs while improving the operation of their air conditioning system.

Creedmoor Heating System Installations

At Air Controls, our trained technicians have years of experience with heating system installations and help in fitting the proper system that is energy efficient and cost competitive to meet your heating needs.

Creedmoor Heating System Repairs

Air Controls can quickly respond and provide professional heating repair service and our experience allows us to diagnose the problem and provide the needed repairs properly to your system.

Creedmoor Heating System Maintenance

Maintenance on your heating system is important to insure that your heat pump, furnace or other heating unit is ready to provide proper heating. Our Energy Saving Maintenance Agreements allow us to perform needed maintenance and insure that your heating unit will work in an energy efficient manner when needed.

Creedmoor Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating

An experienced commercial HVAC contractor like Air Controls Mechanical is important with heating and cooling systems for commercial applications. Our experience allows us the ability to design, install and service the commercial systems in today’s marketplace.

Creedmoor Commercial Heating and Cooling Repair and Service

Our factory trained HVAC technicians respond to your service needs and make the proper repairs the first time.  We offer cost competitive pricing for commercial heating and cooling service.

Creedmoor Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Performing scheduled maintenance on commercial heating and cooling systems is important to reduce costs and provide a comfortable work environment. Our Energy Savings Maintenance Agreements allow your business to budget continuing maintenance while reducing operating costs.